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Who we are

The identification of a product is recognised by the design of its container. AVE Technologies Srl. with its vast experience and know-how is able to answer and satisfy bottling questions with solutions and innovations that include the latest technological features. AVE Tecnologies researches, designs and manufactures bottling and packaging systems and complete plants, to satisfy the ever increasing demands for flexibility and high quality products which enable its clients to compete and win business on the very competitive International stage.
In addition AVE is an innovator handling difficult special projects for major International clients who operate in the liquid bottle filling fields.

Our history

The OFFICINE AVE were first established in 1964, when the company began to design, manufacture and market bottling machines, initially dedicated to the Italian winemaking sector. From 1970 onwards, the novel AVE machines for bottling carbonated soft drinks rapidly penetrated the Middle Eastern and North African markets, with the installation
of the first complete turnkey plants. The 1980s saw the opening of numerous branches abroad,  including AVE UK and AVE ROM. Towards the end of the 1990s and up until the turn of the century, AVE was the first in the world to focus with determination on integrating its products with electronic controls, giving rise to its EFS range, which immediately met with success on the market. Thanks to AVE, the filling machines that had previously been managed exclusively and with growing difficulty by means of mechanical devices, could now be handled by means of effective  electronic controls. Within just a few years, the company thus reinforced the validity of its offer and was distributing its products and services to 60 countries around the world, establishing cooperative agreements with important industrial groups and manufacturing companies.
Since 2010, AVE has been part of the Della Toffola Group, one of the largest and most prestigious groups in the world for the design and manufacture of machines and systems for the beverages, foodstuffs and water treatment industries.
AVE Technologies now looks to the future with new eyes, the eyes of a major international group that is a leader in the handling of processes for the food, winemaking, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and water treatment systems.
It looks to the future proud of its past, having being the first company to design and manufacture patented bottling machines with advanced electronic controls. Over the years AVE has developed technologies and a know-how that has been innovating the bottling sector for over 50 years.

Complete, all-round service

AVE manages every stage of its projects, interacting actively with its customers, listening to and understanding their requirements. The experience it has acquired, combined with the company’s commercial and technological flexibility and a desire to satisfy every customer’s needs, become a guarantee of excellent service everywhere and in every situation.
The production site in Spinea enables the whole construction process to be managed together with those of the other companies in the Della Toffola Group. It is in the perfect balance between men and machines that we find the secret of the most accurate manufacturing. When customers visit the Group’s factories, we take pride and pleasure in undergoing their assessment, presenting and testing the product - the customer’s own product - with enthusiasm. Our factory is continuously coloured by one more bottle, one more cap, one more label. All our collaborators are eager to catch a comment, an estimate, an additional request: al1 the systems we produce will operate for over a decade after installation. Many of us know by heart and remember for years the client's name, the reference number and the application, as testimony to everybody's involvement.
Today, the commercial and after-sales support services and the delivery, installation and testing of the systems are even more incisive and efficient in every corner of the world, to guarantee the functional continuity of all existing and future AVE installations.