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Labelling machines

Linear labelling machines

Labelling machine mod. ET 800
Labelling machine mod. ET 2C/DC
Labelling machine mod. ET 2500 with turret
Labelling machine mod. ET 2 champagne + distributor

Rotary labelling machines

Rotary labelling machine mod. ET 3000 AUT
Rotary labelling machine mod. ET 3000 with distributor
Rotary labelling machine mod. ET 3000 with distributor and 4-head turret

Linear capsule distributors and monoblocks

Capsule distributor mod. D-3000
Monoblock capsuling and labelling machine mod. D-2000

Semi-automatic labelling machines

Semiautomatic labelling machine mod. S/600

D.O.C.G. labelling machines and printers

D.O.C.G. labelling bench machine

Rotary capsule distributors and monoblocks

Monoblock capsuling machine with 4+4 heads and mechanical needle distributor

Rotary labelling machines with touch-screen and centering system

Rotary labelling machine mod. 5 plates
Rotary labelling machine mod. 9 plates


Roll-fed labellers Z-Roll-fed
Self-adhesive labellers Z-Adhesive
Roll Linear Linear Roll-fed Labellers
Returnable Bottle System
Pre-glued labellers Z-roll
Cold-glue labellers Z-Cold-glue
Pre-cut hot-melt labellers Z-Hot-melt
Modular and combined labellers